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Outdoors in the Hague

As we are nearing the end of the winter, the great outdoors is becoming increasingly accessible. With longer days and warmer nights there are so many more options for entertainment. I have always been someone who enjoys being outside more than inside, therefore I have developed a list of my top places to visit in the Hague when the weather permits it.


The Palace Garden

This park is hidden in the middle of the Hague, a quiet oasis behind the Noordeinde Palace. It is covered in flower beds, open grassy spaces and even has a small play area. It is the perfect place to run to on a warm sunny day, without having to go too far out of the city. It is open from sunrise to sunset and can be located at Prinsessewal, 2513 EE The Hague.

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Haagse Bos or Malieveld

These two outdoor areas are right next to each other. They offer different pros and cons but are both wonderful for a day or evening outside. Malieveld can be located on Koekamplaan, 2594 AA The Hague. It has much to offer from events to skate parks to deers grazing in the animal pen. No matter what your hobbies are, or what you’re in the mood for you can do it at Malieveld. One of my favourite things to do is sit next to the canal and watch the ducks swim past.


Haagse Bos offers a more natural and forest like dimension to outdoor activities. It can be found just across the street from Malieveld. It is one of my favourite places to go on runs as it has many trails that stretch within the expansive forest. It can also be used for picnics and being with friends. It is my go to spot on a warm day.

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The Beach

There are many options for the beach in the Hague that consist of Scheveningen, Zuiderstrand and Kijkduin. Each beach offers different things but are consistent providing sun, fun and a bit of wind. Scheveningen is one of the most famous beaches in the Netherlands and has an abundance of things to do at the pavilion or at one of the beach bars along the promenade. This beach is the busiest beach during the summer. Contrastingly, Zuiderstrand is a more quiet and secluded stretch of beach. This is the perfect place to go if you enjoy the sea and sand rather than the busy restaurants and bars. Kijkduin is a perfect middle ground between the two other beaches, offering some restaurants and attractions while maintaining the natural calm of the sea and sand.

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The Binnenhof

The Binnenhof is located in the centre of the Hague city and is the where the Dutch parliament meet. This parliament is surrounded by a lake that is absolutely beautiful to sit next to. At Binnenhof 1, 2513 AA The Hague, you will be able to sit in the sun next to the lake and take in the architecture of the Binnenhof, have some drinks or even read your book. It is a popular attraction to visit and one that I thoroughly frequent on a warm day with friends and a coffee for a nice afternoon.


Grote Markt or Het Plein

These two squares are both made up of a series of bars and restaurants that have linked terraces. In both cases you can sit out in the sun or under umbrellas to hide from the rain all year round. They are located in the centre of the Hague, about 1 or 2 km away from one another. Het Plein is closer to the business and political area of the Hague and thus many adults can be found having their after-work drinks there. Whereas Grote Markt is at the end of the main shopping street and normally houses more of the younger demographic. Either way, these two squares are where I’ve had the best fun with friends.

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Located at Mr P D Fortuynwg, 2533 SR The Hague, this huge park caters to all one’s needs in the outdoors. It has areas for large-scale events, sports, running and walking paths, animal pens and areas to have picnics. It is located further out of the centre than other parks but is in a very residential location where many students end up living.

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