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Wellbeing in the library

Bonjour Brussels!

Tired of Valentine’s Day? Try something from the East!

High because of Tea

WANTED: Where did my Haagse-rainforest go?

My Incurable Pen-mania: Every Pen Has A Story

Sew Much Fun…

The 7 Deadly Dutch Sins

Best photography exhibition I have seen in a very long time!!!

A Visit to Cafe Delirium, Home of the Pink Elephant.

Follow the route of happiness

When the Dutchies follow you…

A Leidener’s Awesome Winter Break

Planets, stars and a gift 🙂

Becoming Mary Poppins…

How to become a trader in Leiden University?

A visit to the Tito Museum, A unique experience.

The Hague Market or Haagse Markt

An Escape to Ghent.

Quad Biking in Essaouira.

Virtual Interactive Food Menu System for HCI course

Exam Stress? How to keep calm and study on!

The Boekenzolder

Walking the Quattrocento city

White Christmas

Christmas in Bressanone

Find yourself in Falzes

Homesickness? I’m Good, Thanks!

One Hundred Happy Days!

Dutch Lesson #3 (and why I am glad)



A ‘Woerden’ful Christmas

What a Christmas time that was…!

Half a year in The Hague… my résumé and some first impressions

Who will you be next year?

Finally, a Concert in Den Haag

Chanel Exhibition II

Twenty things I’ve learnt this year

My New Year’s Resolutions

TED-spiration: a day in the life of a Leiden caveman

A Whole Latte Thanks

Lighting up Christmas!

Enjoying the Dutch Christmas!

A Meet – Between “Xaver” and Zwarte Piet

Who’s that Boy? + Sinterklaas in the House

10 Authentic Winter-Wonderland Things to do in the Lowlands.

A Day at the Spoorweg Museum

Photoquai a Paris

What inspires you? TEDx in Leiden: Circles of Life.

Picking Up Childhood Memories at Madurodam


Beer Cantus

Sinterklaas is Coming!

An Auction of Promises

A Concert Marathon in the Netherlands

Diwali in Leiden

My Road Trip: Far, So Far, LOFAR

NL vs. COL

Vintage Shopping in Tillburg

Lichtspektakel  in Den Haag

An Infinite Journey!

Museum Nacht Amsterdam 2013

A Day in the Life of a Leidener

Volunteering in The Hague: Giving something back to the community

Imagine Dragons: Live at the Melkweg

BASIS Board: Round 2

Grand Opening Anna van Buerenplein (LUC the Hague Building)

Experiencing the World Through the Big Screen (Or Sometimes the Small One!)

On the Road

Excellence Through Diversity at Leiden University

In Search Of Truth

Sterrewacht Open Sunday: A Fun Day

Dealing With Homesickness

The Beginning of a New Tradition

An Evening at Rick’s

All Things Alternative in Leiden


Hitchhiking Competition: 1500km to Barcelona

A Brief Overview of BASIS and other Student Associations in The Hague

Dutch Music: A Brief Introduction (and/or Dutch Lesson #2)

Let’s Go To Fiddlers! A Post Long Forgotten

Me vs. Muggen

Coco Chanel in The Hague

Food Exploration in Maastricht

An Adventure to Delft

A Taste of the Orient

A Hopeless Romantic in Paris: Part 2

A Hopeless Romantic in Paris: Part 1

Triumphant Hunt: East Asian Library

Feeling Genki in Den Haag: A Trip To A Japanese Zen Garden

My Fryslan Experience

Sick of Studying In Your Room? Here You Go!

Dutch Delights

Living in Leiden (Or How To Flatter Your Flat)

Ij Hallen; Holland’s Best Kept Secret

A Day To Be Proud Of

Hungry? Not in the Hague!

Dutch Lesson #1

The Buddha Room


A Chocolate Adventure in Leiden

Discovering The Hague´s Museumnacht

An Evening to Remember

Just Enough Kisses


Shaking hands with Ban Ki-moon


Flexible and non-existent deadlines

To finish a thesis

The long journey home

A tale of Brazil 

A friendly contract: How to write a thesis before the end of summer

Maak ik een biertje

Eating and drinking my way around the world

ISN Cultural Festival on Saturday

Haunted House


So Close…

The Thesis Exam a.k.a. the ‘Interrogation’

The Leiden Marathon is Here!

Celebrating Liberation Day in Leiden

Sneak Peek at A Midsummer Night’s Dream by LEF


Queen’s Day 

The New Roommate…

Spring has finally Sprung

Neighbourhood watch: Leiden style

Dutch Brands (part 2)

Think Monday, Think Noordermarkt

Dutch Brands (part 1)

Easter in Scheveningen

A windmill revolution


Market Day

Spreken or not to speak?

The curious case of the Leiden Jar

A trip to Albert Heijn XL part 2: Albert Heijn XL

Ushi van Dyke

The Kroller-Muller Museum


A trip to Albert Heijn XL part 1: Getting there

Ik hou van Naturalis

Are you ready

Making a Home from Home

Cheap Eats!

Spotted – New Study Area at the UB
A Right Royal Affair

Transition-From Real to Virtual

Stay in Leiden, Feel like Home

Banking in Leiden

Leiden for all

Curiouser and curiouser…

The Leiden Marathon


Why you need a bike

On committees and my inability to say no

Home Sweet Hamburg

Missing Leiden

New Year’s Resolutions

The Magic of Morricone



Fiets weg? Bike gone!

Christmas in Leiden

Pining for the gums: Christmas on its head

Sugar rush and sound shock in the former embassy

A bliss of a trek

Dutch sweet treats

Jargon Jealousy


The Leiden Advent Calendar


Pictures – the Color of Snellius

Ik hou van Holland

NS: A complicated relation

Who is Zwarte Piet?

Bikes: by no means a necessity

Let’s talk about housing (again)

Things I’ve Learned From Leiden Uni Toilet Doors

Business as unusual

Who is Sinterklaas

Where do you study best?

Pleasures of Parental Visitation

In Concert with the Queen

Once, Twice, Three Times a Skeleton


Row that Boat !

Coffee + House = Koffiehuisje !

Watch out on the road!

Leiden: World centre for terrible teenage poetry

50 shades of rain

The making of a Dutch Groupie

Unexpected joys of the Netherlands

Disputing Disputen


Come with me to Bookland – The Book Fair in Frankfurt (Part 2)

Time from class to your first Oktoberfest beer: 4 h

On the tourist trail in Volendam

Come with me to Bookland – The Book Fair in Frankfurt (Part 1)

Becoming legal

An (Art) treasure hunt at the Kunstroute

Staying in shape!

Happy Birthday, Happy Pancakes!

You mill enjoy a visit to Molenmuseum De Valk

Strings attached: How to survive a kite festival


Leiden has nothing to do with the German ‘leiden’

The Leiden wink

Bad hair day? How to gel with Dutch men

A Visit to Holland

First Week Back

International Students Intro Days: Part 2

International Students Intro Days: Part 1


Across the country

Upcoming intro days

Rainbow Leiden

Limburg heatwave

Holiday, holiday, holiday!

Student’s-eye view of Leiden

Geocaching in Leiden


A Year in Leiden

The one in which I get a little sentimental

Leiden goes Olympic



In Leiden and around Europe

Roxy Rave Review!

Ramen in Düsseldorf


Leiden, Free Minds

Sneak Peek at Roxy Horror

To bikini or not to bikini, that is the question!

Wait, we’re supposed to be adults now?



A Night at the Museum

Election Season!

Queen’s Day 2012

Winter wonderland in the Hague 

Urinating Statues and European Politicians


Zaanse Schams

My Dutch Domicile

An Age-Old Ritual


Flatness in Flevoland

Urban Knitting: Artistic Anarchy is Leiden

G is for Gorlaeus

That balls the wrong shape….


Leiden MUN goes to America!

Back to British winter…

The Cold Snap hits Holland

Het Zeetkamertje

Njord – The student Sport


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

Do dutch students take themselves too seriously?

Schipol to Leiden in a flash

Te huur or not the huur? – That is the question

The Curse of the Rapenburg

A taste of the deep south….

The Market

The Bicycle Bible

An International Transition



Leidens Supermarkets explained

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