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Destination Down Under – My Semester Abroad in Australia (2/4): Halfway

Ten weeks ago, I stepped into the airplane to the other side of the world. Time flies you’re having fun – almost halfway through the exchange adventure. Let me organize … Continue reading

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Amsterdam survival guide

Let’s be real. Our first time in the Dutch capital was purely overwhelming: Crowds, souvenir shops and no sense of orientation. I vividly remember my friends and me walking into … Continue reading

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Holidays for a day?

Of course, many of us have made UB their living room since upcoming exams, deadlines and presentations don’t leave a lot of spare time. But, even though May at university isn’t that pretty, … Continue reading

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beach day in november

One funny habit of the Dutch is complaining about the weather. Let’s be honest though: we cannot really blame them for that – skies are grey pretty often. But then, the … Continue reading

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One doesn’t simply go to Madrid..

„Don’t go there, live there!“ and then, you will fall in love with the place – that’s what I would add to Airbnb’s current slogan. Living in Madrid for a … Continue reading

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The Thesis Exam a.k.a. the ‘Interrogation’

If you’re going to study a master’s in Leiden there’s something you should know. Though not all courses do it, mine certainly does; the dreaded Thesis exam (otherwise known as … Continue reading

May 29, 2013 · 3 Comments

The Final LAK Theatre Suite – Love Through Dance

On Friday 31st May at 8.45pm, Love Through Dance is performing the last ever LAK theatre suite, and I, yes me, will be in it. Love Through Dance is the … Continue reading

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream – “I laughed my ass off”

I have to admit, when I was first told about the new concept for A Midsummer Night’s Dream – The Office, I was a little perturbed. Office decorators instead of … Continue reading

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Spring has finally sprung

After what felt like the longest winter of my life, spring has finally arrived in the Netherlands. Spring is the most wonderful time of year in Leiden, give or take … Continue reading

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A Brief Guide to Dutch Internships

Last week I started my six month internship at an academic publishing house in The Hague, and so far so good. However, as an international student in Holland, internships are … Continue reading

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