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Culinary experiments II: the lunch salad

My earlier culinary experiment only let loose more ideas, stepping up survival needs to gastronomic desires on Maslow’s pyramid. And what better space for experimentation than the lunchbox salad? So this … Continue reading

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De Blauwe Druif

Walking around in Amsterdam one evening I discovered this awesome bar on the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam, a short walk from the train station. The Bar-Café has been running for 26 … Continue reading

May 10, 2014 · 1 Comment

Cats in Contemplation

Sometimes one really wonders why cats are such existentialist creatures.It surely occurs in other places, but it first caught my attention in the Netherlands. Walking around the city, one cannot but … Continue reading

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Mirror music

I recently stumbled upon this amazing jazz bar/café, nestled away on a small street near de Burcht, called ‘De Twee Spieghels’, or the two mirrors – although there are many more mirrors … Continue reading

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The Wurst of the Curry?

So since I was writing about food, I thought I’d share a street food story about literally the wurst thing that could happen to curry. I was in Berlin just … Continue reading

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Culinary Experiments I: A composition in yellow and green

Appetite, of course is the motor of all change. So the last weekend I had a bit of a change of philosophy. Like all revolutions, this one began not from … Continue reading

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Walking the Quattrocento city

Walking in the streets of Florence it seems not much has changed since the Quattrocento, the days of the signoria and the city-state. The city centre is still resoundingly Renaissance … Continue reading

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White Christmas

Carrying on the Christmas theme, this time around my Christmas was whiter than usual. While people usually celebrate Christmas with snow and santa, buying things and spending time with relatives, I … Continue reading

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Christmas in Bressanone

Bressanone/Brixen is another charming town in the Sudtirol/Alto-Adige region, close to Falzes. Set in a valley amidst looming mountains and at the convergence of two major Alpine rivers, the town … Continue reading

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Find yourself in Falzes

This winter I found myself in a small idyllic town nestled away in the northern Italian Alps. Pfalzen (German) or Falzes (Italian) is a village of barely 3000 people located … Continue reading

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