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Old Observatory invites public for historic landing on comet

Some of you may be aware what is going to be attempted today. The European Space Agency’s ROSETTA probe has been in space for the last decade and is finally … Continue reading

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Swinging Leideners

Hello all, so it’s November and many of us are having or are about to have exams soon. Well all the best with that! If you are stressed or just … Continue reading

November 4, 2014 · 1 Comment

Walking about

I haven’t written for a few weeks now so some of my posts are about not so recent events. Nevertheless I thought it’d be worthwhile sharing it on here. So … Continue reading

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Midnight-walk for a good cause

Last Friday as I was returning from a dinner I passed through Beestenmarkt(near the station) at about 11:30 pm. I was surprised they were having a concert that late or … Continue reading

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OWL – Orientation week

Its been nearly a year since I arrived in Leiden on that Friday. Though crucially I had arranged for a room months in advance and was fairly happy with my choice, … Continue reading

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A stroll in the park

So over the weekend I finally decided to explore a bit of Warsaw. Unfortunately, I had been unwell on Saturday and so also spent most of my Sunday indoors. That … Continue reading

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Bring me my clothes!

Oh the joys of travelling. You spend days relishing the moment you leave for the airport, prepare well in advance with early packing, perfect itinerary etc and then you realize … Continue reading

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Katwijk at night – the pictures + ISS

Right, so I finally managed to upload pictures from that night at the beach. If you haven’t read it then let me remind you this was me being silly and … Continue reading

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Katwijk aan zee – by night

    I had long been thinking of going to the beach but just couldn’t find the right day. Either the weather would be a turn-off or I’d get caught … Continue reading

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ISN cultural festival

We’re almost there.. yes almost! The academic year is about to come to an end and I am sure many of you will also be busy with preparing for final … Continue reading

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