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The Comfort of Settling

As an international student there is a big chance that you like travelling, as do I. Airports are one of my favorite places, I love getting on that plane, closing … Continue reading

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Where Dreams Come True (for a weekend)

Last Saturday we decided to go on an adventure with a friend! An adventure called Dreams Free Festival; we had read the event description and details of the activities on … Continue reading

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When Your Voice Is Heard By the University

Recently I had a not-so-nice incident after which I felt overwhelmed and sent an email at 5am in the morning to a student coordinator asking if they could direct me … Continue reading

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How to Change the World

Often times I find myself bothered by situations around the world and often times I ask myself how to make a difference, how to change the world. And as a … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of the Year Again!

Spring comes to Holland overnight. One day you’ll be passing by Lange Voorhout and it will look the same as always. The next day you’ll be walking to class and … Continue reading

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All We Got Is Each Other

I have dreaded writing this piece for a long time or for what felt like a long time. I had a hard time putting words together, never seemed to find … Continue reading

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It All Started With A What If…

The time I started writing for this blog, The Leidener, was a time when I left my comfort zone. It was all new to me, sharing my words with not … Continue reading

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Friends Are the Family We Choose

I know that Thanksgiving is more than a month away. I also know that I should be working on an essay right now, if not studying for the midterms. But… … Continue reading

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Greek – Turkish Night

September 24, Wednesday. There is a mark on my agenda, with a star. I had been waiting for that day, that night for some time now. Why? Because we organized … Continue reading

September 29, 2014 · 2 Comments

A Trip to the Argentinian Embassy

Two weeks ago BASIS, the student association of BA International Studies, organized a visit to the Argentinian Embassy. I was one of the lucky 20 to be a part of … Continue reading

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