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What’s It Like To Be A Third Year? – Second Semester

This is a follow up to the post: What’s It Like To Be A Third Year? – First Semester I’ve had a very different outlook as I came back from … Continue reading

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What’s It Like To Be A Third Year? – First Semester

When it comes to the BA International Studies program, the third year first semester is where you have the most space for movement and choice. Until this point most classes … Continue reading

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Mentoring & Being Mentored

I am a student mentor and it’s great, I really enjoy it. I was a mentor for the introduction days last year and I loved my group of “kids”. I … Continue reading

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You Can Never Fully Leave a Place

Recently elections were held in Turkey and this brought up a lot of debate in the public sphere, a lot has been said and a lot has been discussed. I … Continue reading

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Rrrollend around The Hague

What is the best way to cure a hangover you say? My answer will be: Food Truck Festival! (Speaking from recent experience…) This was a three day event that started … Continue reading

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Friends: You Win Some, You Lose Some

But this one goes out to the dearest ones that we keep in our hearts if not by our side! You are going to a university abroad. This means new … Continue reading

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This Is Your Home

13th of June. It’s late at night and something amazing is happening. It’s the second day of the FIFA World Cup and The Netherlands is playing against Spain. Now you … Continue reading

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The Housing Games

-Oh hey, how was that house you went to look at today? -Umm… It was… weird. Very weird. -What do you mean? Well here’s what I mean: We are three … Continue reading

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One Piece Vintage

It’s 9am on a Sunday. Why am I up so early? Two reasons: 1)      A friend wanted to thank me and my roommate for opening up our place for a … Continue reading

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Go Dutch Go Orange – Part Two

You know how some days you just get up and say “Today, I am gonna be productive.” …and then you take a nap? Well, that is like my daily routine … Continue reading

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