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Restaurants’ food to enjoy at home

So, what’s the deal with the new delivery website, Deliveroo? There is now a new website to order food at home in The Hague. It offers fancier choices than Thuisbezorgd … Continue reading

June 20, 2016 · 1 Comment

Throwback: China in The Hague and sweet memories of celebration

The last few months have been Hell! My savings are finishing, looking for a job is hard when you’re still studying and don’t have much time, and especially THESIS!! It … Continue reading

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The Dutch remedy for all sadness in the world: desserts!

Hey there. Though I am a new entry on The (fabulous) Leidener, I have been living in Leiden for over a year now. Coming from a country that is famous … Continue reading

April 21, 2016 · 1 Comment

Afternoon Tea Time!

I am aware that half of our semester has already passed and everyone is quite busy preparing for midterms, theses, etc. But, as the old saying goes, all work and no … Continue reading

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5 things to enjoy in The Hague as a student

Next week, my 6th, and probably last, semester will begin at Leiden University. Chances are I will leave The Hague this summer to explore new places and to learn more … Continue reading

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HOT SPOT in Den Haag: Love&Peas

Just five months ago, Love&Peas opened at Weimarstraat 37A in Den Haag and it has gotten a lot of attention since. Why? It’s not just any restaurant! A Palestinian and … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Indonesian Food Here and There

Being an international student, far away from home, is never easy. At certain times, there must be something you discover (accidentally or in purpose) that will fly your memories to … Continue reading

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Episode 5-Sudden Visits of Guests in Amsterdam-Part 4

The Van Gogh Museum usually closes at 6.00 pm except for Friday at 10.00 pm. I was due to see my cousin and her son around 5.30 pm on the … Continue reading

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Dagje uit & Day out 3 – Yes I’m eating out again

Hi everyone, my name is Foodie and I can’t live without food. Food is my life and my life is all about food. This time, I went out for food … Continue reading

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Dagje uit & Day out 2 – The Real Dutch Pannenkoeken with Lovely Dutchies

Aren’t Dutch pancakes the same as American or other kinds of pancakes? No no no. If you read my last post about Rotterdam and actually scrolled down to the end  of my post, you would see a picture of a Chinese pancake, which must be really different  from what you ate before as pancakes. Pancakes alter to its birthplace and they reflect  characteristics of their hometown. I find Dutch pancakes, or pannenkoeken very adorable  because of their sufficient sweetness, beautiful color, rich tastes, and various ways  to enjoy them.   Pannenkoeken are very easy to make. You only need flour, milk, egg, and sugar. If you  want you can add cinnamon powder as well. Also prepare some oil or butter to make it  properly cooked. I have two groups of friends (mainly cute Dutchies): one group of  people make their pancakes with carefully measured ingredients and their pancakes  always have the same flavor; and the other group of people just put in the ingredients  as much as they wish, so their pancake babies are different every time. To be honest,  both ways are fun because the former is consistent and the latter is more free. My  very first “100% Dutch” pannenkoeken were made with the freestyle cooking. Oh I can’t hold my cravings anymore… The first round is finally done! My friend  of whom the room was contributed to this pannenkoeken party also offered us her  home-made lemon jam / curd. It tasted HEAVENLY! I was instantly in love with her  curd but I failed to steal it from her fridge. Sigh… 😉 For the next few rounds  I tried powder sugar and maple syrup. There were also apple slices in the pancakes,  which added to the fresh taste of them. I brought Japanese matcha tea to the party  and the fragrance of it really matched the Dutch pannenkoeken. Heel lekker! *Fun facts, or not-fun-at-all facts*   I heard the Dutch word for pancakes so often that I really wanted to know how  to spell it. I thought it was pannenkoeken But hmm… I got a relatively vague  answer from my friends that whether the “pan” should be plural remained a  question. So you can spell it either as “pannekoeken” or “pannenkoeken”. For  those of you who have some knowledge of the Dutch language, you might have noticed  … Continue reading

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