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Unlocking memories :)

Now that I am done with my Masters I have been enjoying my spare time doing mundane things such as removing junk from my pc, backing up my work on … Continue reading

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OWL – Orientation week

Its been nearly a year since I arrived in Leiden on that Friday. Though crucially I had arranged for a room months in advance and was fairly happy with my choice, … Continue reading

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A stroll in the park

So over the weekend I finally decided to explore a bit of Warsaw. Unfortunately, I had been unwell on Saturday and so also spent most of my Sunday indoors. That … Continue reading

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Bring me my clothes!

Oh the joys of travelling. You spend days relishing the moment you leave for the airport, prepare well in advance with early packing, perfect itinerary etc and then you realize … Continue reading

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Katwijk aan zee – by night

    I had long been thinking of going to the beach but just couldn’t find the right day. Either the weather would be a turn-off or I’d get caught … Continue reading

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ISN cultural festival

We’re almost there.. yes almost! The academic year is about to come to an end and I am sure many of you will also be busy with preparing for final … Continue reading

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History revisits the Observatory

    Hello people. I don’t think this has been advertised widely but the old observatory in the city centre is getting a new toy – one from centuries ago. … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Leiden

  The older you get the less sleep you’ll need – or so I was once told as a teenager. Well I don’t think I quite agree with it and … Continue reading

April 28, 2014 · 1 Comment

Thank God It was Friday

  Hello Leideners I hope you are enjoying the Sun. It’s nice to be sweaty for a change. Well I haven’t written for a while now partly because the past … Continue reading

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Come spend your Sunday at the Observatory!

  Hello again! So this is a little last minute but still relevant. Remember I wrote about the Sterrewacht open day back in November? Well it’s back. And this time … Continue reading

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