Feels like I arrived yesterday

When nostalgia hits, it hits. Ever had that moment where you stumble into university with all these hopes and expectations, thinking three years is a LONG time? Well, I certainly did. Being so far away from home, all I thought about was that it’s going to be three long years but I’ll be home soon…

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A symposium about my own history

  One of the greatest things about studying in an University such as Leiden is that every week there are many different events taking place across the university´s multiple faculties and buildings. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend a lecture regarding the Nuclear Summit that Den Haag was about to host with…

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Cats in Contemplation

Sometimes one really wonders why cats are such existentialist creatures.It surely occurs in other places, but it first caught my attention in the Netherlands. Walking around the city, one cannot but be surprised by the large number of cats that sit by a window in bourgeois domestic comfort, gazing out into a free space of the…

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Mirror music

I recently stumbled upon this amazing jazz bar/café, nestled away on a small street near de Burcht, called ‘De Twee Spieghels’, or the two mirrors – although there are many more mirrors on the walls inside. The interior is small and intimate, great for having a relaxing evening. Go there in the evenings and it’s invariably buzzing…

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The Wurst of the Curry?

So since I was writing about food, I thought I’d share a street food story about literally the wurst thing that could happen to curry. I was in Berlin just last month, which is indeed not a good time to be a tourist in that usually flirty city. But I had just stepped out of a museum,…

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An ISN affair

  Yeah yeah yeah, I know…I usually post things related to ISN activities etc, but I just cant help it! I am part of the 2013/2014 board and we really put a lot of effort in offering the students a wide range of activities for them to choose from. Besides that, I always have a…

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Getting Sporty

  Inspired by the amazing weather (seriously, 20 degrees in the last day of March feels like a blessing in the Netherlands) ISN decided to put together a small (but amazing) volleyball tournament at the University´s Sport Center. People could sign up in advance, but we got some latecomers that were added to the teams.…

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