Finally a field trip again!

Finally a field trip again! I cannot remember the last time, I had the chance to go on a fieldtrip with my class and hence I was overly exited make an excursion to Amsterdam. As part of my course “War and Peace” in the Honors College, we went to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – a…

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Swinging Leideners

Hello all, so it’s November and many of us are having or are about to have exams soon. Well all the best with that! If you are stressed or just want to relax for an hour or two then I have something cool to share with you. A friend of mine has recently started a…

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Essaouira – The Pearl of the Atlantic.

We all have certain special cities which have a special place in our heart. The reason why you might have a penchant for that particular city maybe a purely individual one. For me Essaouira in Morocco is such a city which is very dear to me! In my previous article I had written about Ouarzazate,…

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The Gateway to the Sahara Desert.

Morocco has been a country which has always been in my list of must visit places, and in Morocco I find Ouarzazate to be one of the most unique places. The matter of fact is I grew up watching plenty of Hollywood movies and most of the classic desert scenes such as the one in…

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cookie monster

Friends Are the Family We Choose

I know that Thanksgiving is more than a month away. I also know that I should be working on an essay right now, if not studying for the midterms. But… I just thought of some people in my life and remembered some of the conversations I had in the past few days. Which made me…

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The life in your years

  Third year, senior year. Looking at the incoming freshmen every year, I feel a twinge of nostalgia. Watching them make the same mistakes we made, having some of the same experiences we had, I have come to realize that university is a rite of passage. If you say university is boring, I’m going to…

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Walking about

I haven’t written for a few weeks now so some of my posts are about not so recent events. Nevertheless I thought it’d be worthwhile sharing it on here. So a few weeks ago the ISN Leiden organised a walk around the city and more specifically around courtyards in Leiden. These are known as Hofjes and…

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