The Gateway to the Sahara Desert.

Morocco has been a country which has always been in my list of must visit places, and in Morocco I find Ouarzazate to be one of the most unique places. The matter of fact is I grew up watching plenty of Hollywood movies and most of the classic desert scenes such as the one in…

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cookie monster

Friends Are the Family We Choose

I know that Thanksgiving is more than a month away. I also know that I should be working on an essay right now, if not studying for the midterms. But… I just thought of some people in my life and remembered some of the conversations I had in the past few days. Which made me…

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The life in your years

  Third year, senior year. Looking at the incoming freshmen every year, I feel a twinge of nostalgia. Watching them make the same mistakes we made, having some of the same experiences we had, I have come to realize that university is a rite of passage. If you say university is boring, I’m going to…

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Walking about

I haven’t written for a few weeks now so some of my posts are about not so recent events. Nevertheless I thought it’d be worthwhile sharing it on here. So a few weeks ago the ISN Leiden organised a walk around the city and more specifically around courtyards in Leiden. These are known as Hofjes and…

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poster happiness

Don’t worry, be happy!

Last month I finished my thesis. It was the end of an half-year-long worrisome era in my life. I loved my topic, and I do love academic research, but I must admit I have quite a complicated love-hate-relationship to writing papers. I am the kind of person who can really, really stress out about my…

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second greek turkish

Greek – Turkish Night

September 24, Wednesday. There is a mark on my agenda, with a star. I had been waiting for that day, that night for some time now. Why? Because we organized a Greek-Turkish Dinner for that day. How does it work? You invite all the Greeks and Turks you know. Everyone makes a dish to bring…

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