Exam Stress? How To Keep Calm and Study On!

Exam stress

I always find January a bit of a weird month. On the one hand, you start the new year pushed by your motivations and good resolutions, on the other hand, it is extra hard to get back to work with a belly still full of Christmas cookies and a mind in holiday mood. Yet for … Read more

A Gallery of Dutch Windows: A Unique Perspective

Gallery of Dutch

Have you ever found yourself unconsciously peeking through the windows of random houses you pass by? Have you found it bizarre that many houses keep their curtains so open? Have you even been fascinated by some really cool window displays that in fact belong to residential houses? If you answered yes to any of these … Read more

The Hague Market or Haagse Markt

hague Market

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting The Hague Market for the first time, and I must say it was an extraordinary and unparalleled shopping experience. At this market, you can find an extensive array of products, ranging from (exotic) fruits, vegetables, and spices to a diverse selection of meat and fresh … Read more